May 7, 2015

With Graduation near what’s next?

With 2015 graduation is rapidly approaching, some seniors are thinking,”what’s next?” Did you know that 81 percent of people said that the relationship they have with their stylist is the reason they go to a salon, the relationship you have with your client goes beyond just cutting hair. Its building a life long relationship. You will be there when they get married, or have their first kid, and then you get to watch the kids grow. You will be there for the ups and downs of their life. You will be their therapist as well as their stylist. It is an ever pleasing career. You aren’t just changing the style of their hair you are changing their life. There is nothing better than at the end of the day you know you helped someone feel better about themselves and boosted their confidence in their daily life. Or how about making that one girls prom night the most memorable night of her life by either the updo you gave her or the makeup you did for her special evening. You have the opportunity to change peoples life on a daily basis. What other career can you do that in? Being a licensed Cosmetologist can be such a rewarding career, there is no other way. So whether you are  a senior in high school or someone looking to just start the career you have always dreamed of doing, why not start it at North Florida Academy!! There is no better place to go!!! If you don’t want to learn it all, and nails is the thing for you, we have a program for you too. Or you like to work with the skin instead of nails we have something for you too.

As Scott J. Buchanan, vice chairman of the Professional Beauty Association to the U.S. New and World report, once said: “We (cosmetologists)get to change peoples lives and make them feel good about themselves.”


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Having passion for the industry, our educators will coach, direct and prepare students in becoming a licensed Cosmetologist throughout the program. We introduce the building blocks of creative cutting, coloring, styling, skin and nail care using the standards of the Florida curriculum with a twist of advancement.

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Nail Specialty

Design, sculpt and polish the techniques needed to become a Licensed Nail Specialist. We introduce the fundamentals of proper nail care along with nail enhancements and creative art. North Florida Academy provides the necessary skills needed to begin a career in this trend setting industry.

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Facial Specialty

Enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin while mastering the skill level to become a Licensed Facial Specialist. We introduce basic skin care, facials, make-up , and microdermabrasions to nourish and maintain our largest organ of the human body.

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Salon Services

Learn more about what services we offer at North Florida Academy

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