May 15, 2015

What can Hightlights do for you?

Are you feeling your hair looks a little drab!! Why not add a touch of some highlights. Whether it be a sunkissed look you are going for or a bold dramatic change. There are many different looks you can achieve with adding a few highlights to your hair. Before you decide what to do with your highlights here are few do’s and don’t’s.

DO frame the face.
With highlights, placement is key. Always place the brightest and fattest highlights around the frame of the face.  Highlights should be darker and sparser at the root and lighter at the tips. They should look like they have been added naturally by the sun

DO have depth and dimension.
Highlights should vary in size and lightness and should accent your base color, not overpower it.

Speaking of base color, make sure your highlights match your hair’s tone. If you have a warm base, then you should have a warm highlight. If you have a cool base, then your highlights should be sandy or beige, and if it’s a neutral base color then your highlights can be either warm or cool.

DO care for your highlights.
You should treat your highlights as an investment. They require proper care and treatment. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and never wash it now would you. So don’t spend the money and time on the highlights if you are going to properly take care of them.

Use a moisturizing, low-sulfate, color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and wash less often.

Always use a thermal protector in your hair prior to using anything with heat on your hair.

Deep condition hair once a week.

UV protective products if you’ll be in the sun. Just like the sun fades a paint job or damages the top coat, it can do the same to your highlights. So protect them with the proper product.

With summer approaching the time that you will spend in a pool or at the beach in the water can also damage your hair. To make sure that you but some kind of leave in conditioner in your hair while you are in the pool or at the beach in the water. As soon as you are finished make sure that you rinse them thoroughly with fresh water.

DON’T add too many different colors.
While dimension is good, too much variation can look unnatural. Never have more the three shades woven in your hair: a base, a highlight and a low light.

DON’T go too light.
Having highlights that are to light or match your skin tone can give you a washed out look.  You always want contrast between your skin color and your hair color.

Of course, you don’t want too much of a contrast between your base color and your highlights, either. Don’t ever have your highlights more than three levels lighter than the base color, or they’ll look stripy.

As you can tell highlights can be tricky but they can do amazing things if done correctly and with the right colors. Highlights can bring out your bone structure and make hair shimmer in the sun, but go the wrong route and the look can turn stripy or brassy, quick.

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